Meet Our Ambassadors: Robert and Kim Patteri

Reliv: It’s a wonderful life.

Although they are professional performers, Ambassadors Robert and Kim Patteri, of Howell, Michigan, have an enthusiasm for Reliv that is no act.

“I feel like George Bailey from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’,” he says. “We never know how many lives we touch from day to day. We’re giving answers to people who need them.” He knows all about needing answers.

When Robert met Kim, a dancer, during a production of “Beauty and the Beast,” keeping up the grueling schedule of a stage actor was no problem. But his health deteriorated until he hit an all-time personal and professional low: He had to walk off stage in front of a full house during a performance of “The Scarlet Pimpernel.” Overmedication had compromised his immune system almost to the point of no return.

But his aunt, Randi Gastwirth, introduced him to Reliv and he gave it a try, despite heavy skepticism. He noticed enough improvement to encourage Kim to use the products as well for insomnia and dance injuries. The couple, in need of a business, came in as Master Affiliates and made $6,500 in all forms of income their first month.

“We went to North Carolina for Doris Smith’s Spring Fling and were amazed,” Kim says. “We couldn’t believe the integrity of the people and this company.”

They came home excited and began sharing the good news with everyone they knew, including a long list of fellow actors, dancers and others in the theater profession from all over, including Toronto, Los Angeles and Florida. One year later, they qualified as Ambassadors.

The two work together, with Robert taking the lead during the day, so Kim can care for their young daughter.
“Robert’s goal is to be back on stage again,” Kim says. This time he’s coming back with restored health and a story that’s too good not to share with his theater friends and colleagues.

“Yes, it’s a step of faith,” Robert adds. “But this business has no risk. And using the Reliv System is the way to maximize the potential of your business.”

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