Meet Our Ambassadors: Robbie and Del Klever

KleverThe mirror image.

Two years ago, Robbie and Del Klever of Lincoln, NE, taped a picture of Reliv Presidential Director rings to their bathroom mirror to keep them focused on their goal. Now they own real ones!
“Persistence and determination pay,” Robbie says. “We plug into the Reliv Success System consistently, work the business around our family and never give up.”

Del adds, “The Reliv business is not a sprint — it’s a marathon.”

Downsized in 1994 from a 30-year nursing career, Robbie took a year off initially and then began caring for her granddaughter during the day. When the rising costs of health insurance forced her to look for work — she found Reliv.

“At the time, all I wanted was to supplement Del’s income and care for my granddaughter,” Robbie recalls. “Since then, Del has been able to leave his job and we have a passion to share this awesome opportunity with others.”

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