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Meet Our Ambassadors: Rex and Lisa Munday

Munday, Lisa and Rex smallBusiness and personal growth go hand in hand.

Rex and Lisa Munday came to Reliv looking for health answers and came away with much more.  “I was losing my Mom,” Lisa says. “Her immune system was shutting down and she had heart trouble.  I saw the results other people got and gained new hope for Mom.  In less than 90 days, her results had everyone asking what she was doing.”

At the same time, Rex and Lisa both held very demanding jobs with a construction firm.  Rex was on the road a lot as a field representative, and Lisa was the office manager.  “We were a weekend family,” she says. “We had great jobs, but we were building a business for someone else and had no plan for our future.”

So looked hard at the Reliv opportunity and decided to come in at the top profit level.

“To start our own construction business would have taken a quarter million dollars,” she says. “We started with Reliv for $3,800 and the company backed us with a one-year guarantee!

“I made more in the first month per hour than I ever had,” she continues. “With a $4,000 cash bonus, we made almost $8,000 the second month.  At that point, I committed myself to Reliv.”

For Lisa, the personal growth has been as rewarding as the business success.  “I had lacked self-confidence, but Reliv allowed me to make a difference to others right from the start,” she says. “I learned you have to shift the focus from yourself to helping someone else, and through that comes personal growth.”

The impact on family has been a major reward for Lisa and Rex, also.  “Now I can available for my family,” Lisa says.  “Whether I need to take time to deal with family issues, or help plan my daughter’s wedding, our residual income offers us a cushion so we can be there for them in times of need.  What we thought was a health answer has become a business that’s changed the entire dynamics of our life.”

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