Meet Our Ambassadors: Red and Mary Marcotte

MarcotteReliv rescues retirement.

Red and Mary Marcotte of Bourbonnais, IL, owned their own business for 35 years. But, after raising nine children and going bankrupt once, there was nothing left for retirement. That all changed thanks to the persistence of fellow Bronze Ambassador Phyllis Bergeron. The couple said no to Phyllis for six months before finally agreeing to try the products and become Distributors – in order to get a product discount.

“We started getting great results – Mary with high cholesterol and Red with diverticulitis. We just knew we had to share these products with others,” Mary says.

Since starting the products in 1992, Red has also survived a brain stem stroke and Mary is fully recovered from two knee replacements.

“Today, we are in our late 60s and have survived another bankruptcy. Yet, because of Reliv, we’re able to enjoy a lifestyle we never thought possible,” Mary explains. “We earn in excess of $50,000 a year, only putting in about 10 hours a week. We get to spend quality time with our children and grandchildren and still have time to help others, the same way Reliv has helped us.

“We love Reliv and will be doing it forever!”

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