Meet Our Ambassadors: Quinn and Carla Pence

Pence, Carla and QuinnGiving their hearts desire.

For Reliv Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Quinn and Carla Pence of Harper, Kansas, life is a lot more carefree because of Reliv.

Quinn Pence of Harper, Kansas, was on a quest. He worked hard to feed his cattle balanced nutrition knowing good nutrition helps with stress, diseases and performance, but he didn’t achieve the same with his own family.

In 2002, Quinn found Reliv. What he liked most was the complete balanced nutrition that it offered. His wife, Carla, liked the incredible compensation plan on the business side. Real products – real business opportunity!

They began taking Reliv products and experienced not only an increase in energy, but also help with some health issues that plagued both of them since childhood.

Carla was amazed since both of them grew up on farms and ranches raising everything they consumed. Now in his mid-50s, Quinn reports having more energy, stamina and flexibility than he had in his 30s! “I love the way I feel!” Quinn says.

The Reliv business came at a great time for the Pence family! They needed to increase their income, and that meant Carla going back to work as a nurse. That wasn’t what she wanted to do. “We came into the business to help others learn about the importance of good nutrition but also because so many others need an extra $500 to $1000 per month – just like us!” Carla says.

In their first year as Reliv Distributors, the Pence family earned more than $36,000, and their business continues to grow.

“It has afforded us the opportunity to help pay for private college, weddings, and given our family quality time together during awesome vacations,” Carla says.

“We could not have done any of this before Reliv,” Quinn says, “We are in control of our health and our financial future and not leaving it up to someone else!”

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