Meet Our Ambassadors: Philip Chieng and Kim

An exciting Reliv lifestyle for Malaysia’s first Presidential Directors.

Chieng Ing Meow and Low Kim Khuan (Philip Chieng and Kim) are Reliv business builders from Petaling Jaya who now find themselves at the pinnacle of the Reliv Director Program –Philip and Kim are Malaysia’s first ever Presidential Directors and they are absolutely ecstatic!

“Reliv is an outstanding company in many ways! I just love doing this,” exclaims Philip. “I really cannot think of another company where everyone relates so well with each other, whether they are top corporate executives or Distributors or just customers enjoying the products – everyone’s just having a great time with Reliv!”

While Kim has worked as a teacher for the past thirty years, Philip is a civil engineer who runs a successful construction company. Subsequently, Philip decided to sell off his construction business when he found that Reliv was his answer to a new kind of lifestyle that would give him more family time and greater opportunity to relax and travel.

“Looking back, I was so glad that my childhood friend, Eng Huu, came home from the US with a Reliv Distributor named Carolyn Walker because they shared an opportunity with me that I only thought possible in my dreams. I started off as a loyal customer but after a lot of follow-ups from my upline, I saw a bigger and better picture of an incredible future with Reliv.”

The rest is Reliv history as Philip and Kim embarked on a whirlwind level of activity that has them now qualified for the Reliv cruise, special meals with Don Gibbons and Robert & Sandy Montgomery during conference and leadership retreat, Kalogris Awards, and numerous cash bonuses. They achieved Ambassador in June 2004.

“I followed the Reliv System, made my presentation simple and effective, and I really worked hard with other Distributors in my organization. By doing this I know I am helping my downlines become successful like me and we will all help to nourish our world.

“I’ve set my mind on doing Reliv with a great deal of perseverance and the right attitude. By doing so, I believe I am on my way to early retirement doing the things I love to do and enjoying what I call my ‘free and easy Reliv lifestyle!’”