Meet Our Ambassadors: Oriel and Rita Remedios Magno

Building a business for life.

Oriel and Rita Remedios Magno of San Juan, Metro Manila, the Philippines, were living the life of the rich and famous when a corporate dispute suddenly brought everything crashing down. The couple was devastated. “We had financial security and traveled abroad – it was more than we’d ever dreamed,” Oriel says. “When the dispute occurred early last year, we almost lost everything.”

However, providence placed Bronze Ambassador Linda Vance in their path in June 2001, Oriel says, just before Reliv was formerly launched in the Philippines. “I had always worked in a corporate position and couldn’t really see myself as a Distributor,” he says. “Initially, I signed up more as a challenge rather than viewing it as a career.”

Seeing the company profile and meeting Reliv leaders quickly changed their perspective. The couple says their conviction was further strengthened after meeting Reliv President and CEO Bob Montgomery and his wife, Sandy, and hearing them speak from the heart.

Learning everything they could from their upline, the Magnos built a strong team of Distributors who “ate and breathed Reliv.”

“When we first became Distributors, we set a goal of reaching Ambassador within three years,” Rita says. “But through the unselfish devotion and hard work of our downline, we achieved Senior and Master Director this past May and Ambassador and Bronze Ambassador in June.”

Rita says she and Oriel believe strongly that Reliv has incredible potential in the Philippines and that today’s Distributors are positioned for great opportunity and wealth.

“Reliv has all the elements of success that will secure your future,” she explains. “A solid reputation, a tremendous product line and an unchallenged compensation plan. Reliv isn’t just a gold mine – it’s a diamond.”

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