Meet Our Ambassadors: Nena Murphy

MurphyNinaSingle mom, international entrepreneur.

Bronze Ambassador Nena Murphy, of Richardson, Texas, has a message for everyone in Reliv, especially single parents:

“Anybody can make it in Reliv. It’s a matter of putting your goals where you want them. I’m always excited about the business because the products work. And to help people stand on their own feet—you can’t put a price tag on that.”

Nena knows firsthand how to make dreams come true as a single parent. “The thing to remember,” she says, “is that with Reliv, you’re going into business for yourself, but you’re not on your own.”

Nena has been with the company since 1995. When she found Reliv, it was an answer to a prayer because it allowed her to continue to stay home and have a flexible schedule, even after her youngest child went away to college.

In 2003, she rededicated herself to achieving new goals with the company, and within in two months, she achieved Ambassador.

Looking back, Nena recalls what she told herself. “I really prayed about it and found the leaders in my organization who shared the vision that we could make a difference.”

Two of the leaders she sponsored were Roger and Linda Naguit, who were instrumental in opening up Malaysia. Nena has helped open her native Philippines for Reliv, and the experience and wisdom she shared with the Naguits helped them achieve Bronze Ambassador immediately.

“If you use Relìv’s Success System as it is intended, the simplicity makes it easier to duplicate success, wherever you are,” says Nena, who joined Linda at the first Asia Pacific Conference in Singapore.

“With Reliv, you meet people and form friendships that last a lifetime,” Nena notes. “Together, we’re looking forward to opening up Europe and other Asian countries.

“I’m telling you that now is the time to position yourselves with Reliv,” she adds. “The rewards are bigger than you can imagine.”

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