Meet Our Ambassadors: Millie Novacek

Obliged to share… and succeed.

Achievement came quickly for Millie Novacek, of Fort Collins, Colorado. In June, the Novacek’s qualified for Reliv’s Ambassador program. Two months later, they learned she made Bronze Ambassador, which means she had helped one of their frontline leaders achieve Ambassador status as well.

“It was really special to reach Bronze,” Millie says. “But it was extra-special because it was my own sister’s Ambassador achievement that qualified us for the next level.”

Millie says she and her sister, Reliv Ambassador Toni Stone, also of Fort Collins, have always been close. But working together on the Reliv adventure has made them even closer.

When Millie first shared the Reliv opportunity with her sister, Toni wasn’t interested. But she had a change of heart as she saw the way Reliv products transformed the health of Craig and Millie’s family as well as her own. Soon, Toni was referring friends and family to Millie for business.

“I think she started to realize that she could build a business of her own,” says Millie, who couldn’t have been happier. The sisters have traveled a lot together with Reliv, including a trip to Bermuda in the fall of 2006. Their families will be together for the 2007 Disney trip as well.

As she looks back on the amazing ways life has changed for her friends and family, Millie remains firm in her convictions about achieving with Reliv through helping others.

“It is a lot of fun working with people and helping them achieve their dreams,” Millie says. “But knowing about Reliv is also an incredible responsibility. We don’t ever want to forget where we’ve come from. We know this is truly a gift from God, to be able to help people dream again. What if somebody hadn’t shared Reliv with us?”

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