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Meet Our Ambassadors: Mike and Shirley Michelozzi

MichelozziRelationships, responsibility, respect…Reliv.

Hearing a Reliv radio show at just the right time altered the course of Mike and Shirley Michelozzi’s lives. When Shirley’s brother, Don, heard a radio show he called Shirley, who had serious health challenges. In just two months, Shirley, of Kalamazoo, Michigan, was beginning to feel better and soon they became Master Affiliates. That was six and a half years ago.

Going to their first conference one year later was as life-changing as the products. “When we learned even more about the company and met other Distributors we knew Reliv was going to be a part of our lives forever,” Shirley says.

Their upline taught them how to use the Reliv Success System and to help other people. Shirley says, “Supporting everyone is the key to success. It’s all about building ‘Relationships,’ taking ‘Responsibility’ for the people you sponsor and start on the products, and having ‘Respect’ for everyone. We call these the Three R’s. Our focus is helping others with whatever they want to achieve.”

They recommend setting goals and writing down the positive things that happen each day. “You will get ‘No’s’ but don’t quit,” she counsels. “The next time you talk to someone, you could be changing their life forever.”

They also caution that when you feel successful, don’t slow down. “Look at every day as the first day of your business,” Shirley notes, “and start the day with a positive attitude about helping more people.”

Mike says, “I retired from teaching early, and when I received my first pension check, our Reliv income that month was three times larger. My pension is fixed, but our Reliv compensation is going up every month!”

The Reliv lifestyle, personal relationships, and financial rewards all go together. “When you really listen to people and help them go after their dreams, you will be rich with Reliv.”

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