Meet Our Ambassadors: Mary Jo Navarra

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Bronze Ambassador Mary Jo Navarra has a Reliv story that started ten years ago, when she learned about the products and company from her parents. She found relief from migraine headaches and immediately went into the business.

In the first year, she earned a $5,000 bonus and achieved Senior Director. Over the course of the next three years, her Reliv Generation Royalties averaged between $1,200 and $1,500 each month.

Then something happened. The Navarra’s son, Matt, was seriously injured in a sledding accident. “The next five years were spent helping Matt get back on his feet,” recalls Mary Jo, who also had a newborn and her own wellness company. Mary Jo expected both of her businesses to flounder because she didn’t have the time to invest.

With Reliv, she was pleasantly surprised. “My business just continued to grow,” Mary Jo says. “I wasn’t really expecting that, but I had to focus on my kids. Matt needed a lot of physical therapy and surgeries. “The way Reliv has designed the system, I was able to step back when I needed to.”

During the past year, Mary Jo has been able to give her Reliv business more focus again. Matt’s a starter on the junior high basketball team and the whole family is enjoying the rewards of Reliv.

In July, Mary Jo made Master Director. The achievement was due in part to encouragement she received from the top. “At the Kansas City conference, I put that goal on paper,” she says. “Then I got a note in the mail from [Reliv Chairman, President and CEO] Bob Montgomery! It said, ‘I look forward to seeing you on stage in July.’ That really motivated me!”

Her children also keep Mom on task. “Once they learned we had a chance to go to Bermuda, they really cracked the whip!” she chuckles. “They stayed quiet so I could do my phone work. Failure was not an option. Now that we’ve earned the trip, it’s really a family event.”