Meet Our Ambassadors: Martín and Dorinely Valentín Lázaro

Reliv truth spurs achievement.

Martín and Dorinely Valentín Lázaro of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, attained something few Distributors do — they achieved Ambassador and Presidential Director in the same month. They attribute their skyrocketing success to simply sharing from the heart — both the facts about Reliv and numerous testimonials.

“I’m honest with my downline and tell everyone that if you stay with the Reliv Success System, and keep it simple, you can achieve anything,” Martín says.

Martín, a physician, says that his life has completely changed since he began achieving his Reliv goals. “I now have freedom that I did not have before,” he says. “I work less and have more money and more time to spend with my family.”

He adds, “I get a tremendous feeling of satisfaction watching leaders in my downline build their businesses and increase their income. And, most importantly, I know that they will succeed because they are on the right path with the right company.

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