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Meet Our Ambassadors: Mark and Ann Metts

Metts3Staying the course yields presidential rewards.

Mark and Ann Metts of Sugar Hill, Georgia, started their Reliv business back in January of 1994. It took them nine years to believe they could do it and two and a half years to build it to Presidential Director. They stayed the course and stuck with it.

“Everything finally clicked for us at the Kansas City Conference in April 2003, and we walked away with a belief that we could do this,” Ann notes.

Up until then, the Metts had been working Reliv part-time and enjoying the $3,000 to $5,000 it provided each month. But after they both were laid off from their jobs in 2002, they realized it was time to get serious about Reliv.

“We essentially started over like brand-new Distributors,” Ann recalls. “We set lots of appointments and, as a result, generated massive action in our business.”

Rolling their momentum into the Reliv International Conference the following July, the Metts became Ambassadors the next month. Less than two years later, they were Reliv Presidential Directors — earning a six-figure income and enjoying freedom and travel.

“The opportunity to travel was one of the reasons we joined Reliv in the first place,” Ann states. “We’ve been to places like the Caribbean, Banff, Canada, and my personal favorite, Rome — and we’ve qualified for the Leadership Retreat in Bermuda!

“Our goal is to help as many people as we can join us as Presidential Directors,” she continues. “We truly believe that Reliv is a gift that was given to us and the best way to enjoy it is to share it with others!”

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