Meet Our Ambassadors: Maria and Alfredo Martinez

Martinez2The sky’s the limit.

I t didn’t take long for Maria and Alfredo Martinez of San Jose, CA, to make their mark with Reliv. Just one month after becoming Master Affiliates in April of 1998, they became Key Directors – earning $3,200, along with a bonus check and the esteemed Humanitarian Award! Still, it wasn’t until later on that the couple came to understand their true business potential with Reliv.

“I knew the products worked – having achieved excellent results with migraine headaches, depression, gastritis and a weight problem – and I wanted to share Reliv with others,” Maria says. “Yet I hadn’t yet envisioned myself at the top.

“For us, the turning point came when we gained a full understanding of the compensation plan and saw that the highest levels of Reliv were within our reach,” Maria recalls. “So, with the encouragement of others at Reliv who believed in us, we kept our objective in front of us and continued to move forward.

“It’s so important for Distributors to be fully aware of all the benefits and opportunities that being a part of Reliv brings,” Maria continues. “That way, they have the ability to help more people with the products and business opportunity.”

By helping other people get what they want with Reliv, Maria and Alfredo have achieved some amazing goals and dreams of their own, including their latest advancement to Bronze Ambassador.

“Thanks to Reliv, we’ve paid off the debts that we’d been carrying like a heavy weight on our shoulders for quite some time,” Maria says. “I bought the sports car I’d always wanted and helped my two older children buy cars of their own. Reliv also has allowed me to spend more time with my family and given me the opportunity to travel, opening my eyes to all the world has to offer.

“I feel like a new person – with newfound dreams, hopes and confidence in myself,” Marie adds. “With Reliv, the sky is the limit!”

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