Meet Our Ambassadors: Margie Kleinman

Sharing the excitement.

Margie Kleinman of Mesa, AZ, talks to everyone she meets about Reliv –the products and the business.

“I spend a lot of time each day on the phone,” she admits, but her passion for the products and the business has paid off. She achieved Bronze Ambassador in April 2002, just 20 months after starting the business. And she recently decided to spend some of her Reliv earnings, buying a new dishwasher, pots and pans and a stove. The rest she and her husband, Harold, have saved.

“We don’t believe in credit cards,” says Margie. “I think that was part of the motivation in the beginning. We were able to pay it off before the bill even came in the mail.”

Margie went Master Affiliate after attending an opportunity meeting with Bronze Ambassador Valerie Opie. In her first month, she brought in three new Distributors and earned $2,300, plus a bonus. Since then, Margie has sponsored 14 Master Affiliates and, during each of the past three months, she’s earned over $5,600 in all forms of income.

“I have an awesome downline,” Margie says. “I love the way everything in Reliv is based on correct principles, like my success is determined by how many people I help.”

Margie is a retired teacher, and after just a month on the Reliv products, found relief from migraine headaches that had plagued her for years.

“I feel every day is an ‘up’ day,” Margie says, “because of all the exciting things that happen with people’s health and their businesses, all the lives that are changed.”