Meet Our Ambassadors: Luz Trujillo and Daniel Mata

Living worry free with Reliv.

Reliv Presidential Directors Luz Trujillo and Daniel Mata, of Omaha, Nebraska, say that Reliv has been one of the best things that ever happened in their lives. “We can spend more time with each other and with our children,” says Daniel, who heard about the products from a fellow worker at his meat-packing job. At the time, Daniel was looking for something to help Luz, who was struggling with high cholesterol.
That was three years ago and life couldn’t be more different for this Reliv family. Luz has her cholesterol under control and feels much better. In addition, she was able to quit her job in vacuum cleaner sales, joining Daniel in the business full-time. After two years working their Reliv business, Daniel and Luz are now Presidential Directors and have replaced their former incomes and then some. In fact, Reliv enabled them to remodel the home they share with their three children, get out of debt and take the family on the Reliv trip to Disney World.

“That was amazing,” says their daughter, Andrea. “Everyone from Reliv treated us very well.”Originally from Mexico, Luz and Daniel have been able to share the good news about Reliv with many of their friends and family in the Hispanic community.

“This life feels like a dream,” adds Luz, who says she is especially grateful to be able offer so many people answers to their health concerns as well as their finances. “I feel like we’re doing well in this business because so many people have been willing to share their stories. We have a wonderful upline, and a lot of people in our downline also work really hard.”

Luz and Daniel say they are relieved that they will be able to afford college for their children and that they will have a comfortable retirement with Reliv. “Our next goal is to make Silver Ambassador and to keep helping others.”

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