Meet Our Ambassadors: Lou Ann and John Mohler

Mohler20070420Answered prayers.

Lou Ann and John Mohler of Beavercreek, Ohio, found, quite literally, an answer to their prayers in Reliv. John is a Pastor. Lou Ann taught high school and then ran a preschool for more than 12 years.

“We realized our savings for retirement and college for our two children were just inadequate,” Lou Ann says, “and we prayed for an opportunity. I overheard a conversation about Reliv that stimulated my curiosity, so I asked some questions. I was assured that we could generate much needed income for our family budget and that we would have the support of our sponsors.”

“We focused on the needs of others and shared the reality of Reliv products and this business opportunity,” John explains. “And it has been gratifying to partner with so many quality people who share our excitement and enthusiasm for Reliv.”

“In 2006, as our business grew, and we advanced through Senior Director and Master Director and came to St. Louis and met the company, I realized, ‘Wow! What have we got our hands on here?” Lou Ann says. “We love the travel and we’re looking forward to two more trips in the coming year.”

“To be able to dream again – before Reliv, we didn’t have any dreams,– but now we have the ability to have more possibility-thinking in our lives. For the first fifteen years of our marriage, we couldn’t help other people financially, but now we can,” Lou Ann says. “People have to experience it for themselves. Dreams come true; it’s all based on helping others.”

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