Meet Our Ambassadors: Ken and Gay Lange

Learning to take action.

Some people have a vision right away that they will be successful with Reliv. New Bronze Ambassadors Ken and Gay Lange of Box Elder, South Dakota, say it wasn’t so for them.

“I knew I was born to be a giver, but I wasn’t sure how to put it into action,” Gay says. “I learned through Reliv to write down my dreams and goals and then figure out what I have to do to get there.” Now Gay, who was formerly unemployable because of her health issues, is putting her gift for giving to work.

Gay uses all the Reliv Success System and has seen heartwarming life changes. “I have listened to some remarkable stories and I know there are thousands of them out there. People who were gravely ill and start on Reliv have experienced results that give them hope. And people who were not sure how they were going to make their house payment or pay their electric bill have found financial security. This is a human…and humane business. ”

Reliv has also changed the way Gay and her family live because the financial freedom they now have allows them to travel to see their children and grandchildren in Texas and New York, as well as take other impromptu vacations. “We even took a number of family members to New York just to have birthday cake with our one-year old granddaughter!” she says.

On these trips, Gay is always working, too. “But it’s really hard to call this work because it is so much fun!” she explains. “When you are helping others, the blessings come back a thousand fold.”

Gay is constantly growing and her goals are always changing — and she loves to see others do the same. “Watching people I’ve sponsored ‘grow up’ and reach Ambassador is tremendously rewarding. It is so powerful to see how strong Reliv is and how much bigger we’re going to be.”