Meet Our Ambassadors: Kelly Gann and Paul Murray

GannMurrayAmbassadors discover the means to their dreams.

Bronze Ambassadors Kelly Gann and Paul Murray of Puyallup, Washington, are living a lifestyle most families only dream about – building a rewarding business together, while pursuing their individual goals and dreams and enjoying lots of time together as a family.

“Paul and I were looking for something we could do together as a family that would allow us to be home with our children when my parents, Gael and Ron Gann, introduced us to Reliv back in 1995,” Kelly recalls. “Then, after seeing our infant son get life-changing relief from a severe asthma condition, and my whole family become healthier with the products, we found we just couldn’t keep quiet about Reliv. So, in order to make the most of our limited time, we joined at the Master Affiliate level.”

Their first month with Reliv, the couple earned $1,250 and a $250 bonus check. After nine months of steadily working their business around their children, jobs and farm, they made Key Director. Their check of $3,000 that month brought Kelly home, where she’s been ever since.
“Thanks to Reliv, I’m totally involved in my children’s lives – volunteering at their school on a weekly basis and attending every field trip,” Kelly says. “Plus it allows me the time to pursue my own avenues of interests, while sharing Reliv wherever I go.”

Paul also enjoys the freedom to spend lots of quality time with the family and recently was able to pursue his goal of achieving his Master’s Degree in Education.

“Relìv is our financial center – a solid anchor around which we’ve been able to grow together as a family and build the life we’ve always wanted,” Paul says. “It’s great to know that, wherever we decide to go in life, we can take our business with us.”

Kelly agrees. “We’ve built a business that will always be there – not only for us, but for our children and generations to come.”

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