Meet Our Ambassadors: Katherine Penney

From cleaning houses to building a home.

Bronze Ambassador Kathy Penney (formerly Tennihan) doesn’t clean other people’s toilets any more, and she’s in the process of buying a new home for herself and her family.

It’s a far cry from her life before Reliv — cleaning houses, going to the food pantry and feeling hopeless.

“Reliv is hope in a can,” Kathy says. “I feel like Reliv came into my life to save my life.”

When she started taking Reliv, Kathy was thrilled to get relief from headaches that had plagued her for years. When she discovered she’d been harboring a slow-growing form of breast cancer for years, the single mother of two had six months worth of Reliv in her system. She healed quickly from a mastectomy and didn’t experience any of the menopausal symptoms she expected from taking Tamoxifen.

“In May, I’ll be cancer free for 11 years,” she says.

Kathy’s story only gets better. For a long time, she shared the products with people, but never talked about the business. When she started showing people copies of her checks from Reliv, things really started to happen. Her income grew from $2,000 each month in 2002 to more than $9,500 a month today.

“Now I feel an urgency to share Reliv with as many people as I can,” Kathy says. “The ‘what ifs’ motivate me. You don’t know who is walking around with poor health or living deeply in credit card debt.”

In the fall, Kathy will move from Peabody, Massachusettes , to her new home in South Carolina, only minutes away from her daughter, and hopefully, some grandchildren.

“I’m beside myself,” she says. “I never considered myself a businesswoman, and look at what’s happened!”