Meet Our Ambassadors: Julie and Todd Moeller

Julie Moeller Family

A Much Better Way

Buying their first new home was an exciting time for Bronze Ambassadors Julie and Todd Moeller of Brentwood, California.  But it also buried them in more debt than they expected.

“We had everything going for us,” Julie says. “We had a wonderful family, a new career for my husband, then the move into a friendly suburb city. But the lifestyle I dreamed of wasn’t in the picture.” Bills added up quickly and it became clear they had to make additional income to get ahead.  Before the move, Julie had a child-care business for 12 years and was already looking for a change. “Working 12-hour days left me feeling burned out with little energy and time for my own family. Deep down I knew there had to be a better way, but had no idea of what to do,” she says. After attending a Reliv Opportunity Meeting, Julie realized Reliv was the answer she had been praying for.

“With three children, including one born with neurological disabilities, working outside the home was not an option,” Julie says. “We needed better health, financial stability and the promise for a brighter future. We took a leap of faith with Reliv.”

Julie started her Reliv business in 2003, working around a busy family and childcare schedule. She leaned heavily on her sponsors for support. “My upline empowered me, encouraged me and gave me muscle to start my business strong,” she says.

During her first 100 days in Reliv, Julie made $6,000 in profit, including two bonuses, helped 25 people and sponsored five Master Affiliates. “That got my skeptical husband’s attention,” Julie says. “At the time, he was a new attorney who also worked on the side as a professor, but with the extra Reliv income he was able to let go of that second job,” she says.

In June 2005, the Moellers became Ambassadors and closed the doors of Julie’s old business. In less than two years, Julie’s average income of $1,200 per month more than quadrupled to an average of $5,000 per month, with her highest month over $10,000. During this time she helped someone else reach the Ambassador level, all through duplicating their efforts. “My favorite check is the check of the heart,” Julie shares with enthusiasm. “I’ve been able to work from home on a flexible, part-time basis for over a decade, while making a full-time income and without compromising my faith and family.”

Although the Moellers have enjoyed many financial rewards for their efforts including incredible trips around the world and thousands of dollars in bonuses, they know the best is yet to come. The real blessing they have realized is in helping others achieve their success. “The Reliv opportunity can change your life if you are willing to invest the time and effort to help others. Today I am passing on this blessing to as many people as possible. We offer an answer for anyone facing overall lifestyle concerns, and a much better way of life!”

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