Meet Our Ambassadors: Julie and Mark Maibach

MaibachAttitude is everything.

New Bronze Ambassadors Julie and Mark Maibach of Wooster, OH, say that during the five years they’ve been Distributors, the most important lesson they’ve learned is to fit Reliv into their lives.

“When we first became Distributors, we tried to put our lives on hold until we could build a business,” Julie explains. “But with three small children and Mark working 50-60 hour weeks at our families’ furniture store, it didn’t work. Once we realized we could weave Reliv into our lives – our business slowly began to flourish.”

Julie says she and Mark also had some frank discussions about how they were going to build the business. “We mapped out our goals which included my building the foundation for our organization and working toward bringing Mark home,” she says.

Julie admits that her Reliv goals haven’t always been so lofty. “We initially became Distributors to get the products at a discount and help pay for them after we received tremendous health results,” she says. “But after I attended my first conference in 1998, we have never doubted what we would do with this opportunity.”

She adds, “Attitude is everything. Successful Reliv Distributors are from all walks of life. If you believe you can succeed, Reliv’s products and compensation plan ensure it.”

The Maibach’s recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and look forward to soon being able to work Reliv side-by-side.

“Reliv has given us hope for the future and freedom from worry about finances, when we’re going to spend time with each other and our children, or how we’re going to pay for their education,” Julie says. “More and more people are beginning to understand the importance of good nutrition, and with the changes in our lives and around the world, this opportunity is more critical for families than ever before.”