Meet Our Ambassadors: Joyce Mann

Mann2An ongoing journey.

The journey to Presidential is just the beginning for Joyce Mann, a new Reliv Presidential Bronze Director in Haysville, Kansas.

“Since achieving my own results with Reliv, my passion has been to share these products and business with everyone,” Joyce says. “I’ll continue to expose people to Reliv stories, knowing that I’m changing lives.”

For Joyce, setting and achieving goals has been the norm since joining Reliv in December of 2000.

“Our organization has worked very diligently to put people in front of Reliv,” she states. “We’ve been very consistent about following the Reliv Success System to grow our business.”

Joyce’s own Relìv business earns her a monthly income that averages $6,500 and exceeded $9,000 in January.

“I have more freedom, improved health and a retirement income that is just awesome,” Joyce says. “I enjoy what I do, and I value all of the relationships with the people I’ve met throughout my years with Reliv.”

She adds, “I’ll always be looking for new opportunities to help people with Reliv!”

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