Meet Our Ambassadors: Jon and Mary Light

Light20070417The simple secret: focus on others.

For new Presidential Directors Jon and Mary Light of Huntingburg, Indiana, the secret to great achievement is actually pretty simple. “The main thing we’ve done to be successful is to concentrate on other people,” Mary says. “Our desire is to help others achieve their dreams and goals. We constantly see Reliv change lives by providing better health, a purpose and financial freedom.”
Jon loves to watch the transformation in the people he works with through Reliv. “People just want to be valued,” he says. “When you concentrate on meeting people’s needs, they come alive. They achieve their dreams and goals because they see that it’s possible.”
“But it does take hard work,” Mary notes. “It’s work, but it’s not a job to me — it’s more like a mission. And I have more fun with Reliv than anything else I’ve ever done. When you’ve helped someone change their life, it changes yours.”
Jon, who heads training and development for one of the largest corporations in Indiana, agrees. “For me, it’s so fulfilling. I’ve taught corporate leadership for years and haven’t seen it practiced much. With Reliv, I see effective leadership practiced all the time.”
It all comes down to focusing on others and investing in their success. “The more people you help in this business, the more successful you become,” Mary states simply. “When we started, our goal was to supplement our retirement. Yet we’ve been able to send our daughter to a private college, and we’ve traveled to great places — next fall we’re going to Whistler!”
But it isn’t just about the money. “Our goals now are to bring Jon home,” Mary says, “and to mentor 11 people from our frontline to become Presidential Ambassadors.” Jon adds, “It’s such fun! If you do what you love, then you’ll never ‘work’ another day in your life!”

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