Meet Our Ambassadors: Drs. John Harold and Earleen Ong

Finding real wealth with Reliv.

Presidential Directors and Ambassadors John Harold and Earleen Ong of Quezon City, Philippines, have achieved the financial security they once could only dream about. Before Reliv, John and Earleen, both medical practitioners, never earned more than P360,000 a year! Now, they average P250,000 each month!

Three years ago, John and Earleen were searching for anything that may help their daughter who was diagnosed with global mental retardation. “The products gave us our daughter back,” says John. “Then when we started understanding the compensation plan, we saw a way of having control over our lives and our future.

“As soon as we began plugging into the Reliv Success System, everything fell into place and because of the Success System, we were able to enjoy all the avenues of income with Reliv.”

The best validation of what Reliv claims regarding residual income, John notes, was when the whole family left for Australia last April and May. “It was a vacation well deserved and also an opportunity to meet new people. We were out of the Philippines for two solid months and still, our Reliv Philippine line and organization was earning P150,000 a month. My downlines have all become mature, independent Reliv Distributors and the income just amazes us!

“My wife and I are doctors, and we can’t afford to really go on a vacation because once we leave our practice, we will literally lose all that income. Not in Reliv. The way we see it, Reliv has also become our retirement plan.

“Since December 2002 we’ve been among the top 10 check earners and we’ve never come off that list,” John adds. “Our long-term goal is to plug more people into the System and help them achieve their own goals with Reliv.”

In 2004, the Ongs earned P1.8 million in all forms of income. John says their earnings went to savings, maintenance of their cars, and an opportunity to travel around the Philippines. “Our lifestyle is just great,” John exclaims.

“Before Reliv, we were focused on helping other people with their physical health. Now, we’re thrilled that we’re also helping them with their financial health,” says John.

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