Meet Our Ambassadors: Joe and Pat Pennino

Pennino3Committed to building strong.

What does achieving Presidential Director mean to Bronze Ambassadors and new Presidential Directors Joe and Pat Pennino?

“To us, it means we’re accomplishing what we set out to do when we joined Reliv six-and-a-half years ago — to help a whole lot of people improve their lives with Reliv by building a strong, solid organization of people who share our same vision,” Pat states.

“Our goal was not necessarily to build fast, but to build strong,” Pat continues. “And by remaining dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and dreams with Reliv, and continuing to build wide, we’ve built a solid organization that will last over time.”

The Penninos spent their first six years in New Jersey, building a Reliv System from the ground up. In May, they fulfilled their dream of living in the South by moving to Wilmington, North Carolina.

“We left the Reliv System in New Jersey in capable hands,” Joe says. “We feel blessed to have built such a strong, solid organization of Distributors who are dedicated to building their businesses and committed to helping nourish the world with Reliv!”

The couple is now preparing to start a brand new Reliv System in the Wilmington area, as they enjoy all that their Reliv lifestyle and solid six-figure income can afford them — including their purchase of the boat that Joe had always dreamed of owning one day.

“I tell people who want what we have with Reliv to not be afraid to work hard and reach toward your biggest dreams,” Pat says. “If we can do it, so can you!”

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