Meet Our Ambassadors: Jim Osterhout

The big truth about “part-time.”

Presidential Bronze Ambassador Jim Osterhout, of Palatine, IL, is one of the few at his level in Reliv who still works full-time in another profession. And for now, he prefers it that way.

“That’s the thing about Reliv,” Jim says. “You can talk to people about it anytime, anywhere. Right now, through travel with my other job, I have a steady source of new people to talk to all the time from all over the country. It works out really well.”

Skeptical when he first learned about Reliv back in 1991, Jim tried the products himself and soon found people were coming to him to buy them. “I started putting people on the product by accident,” he says. “People were calling me!”

With his background in computer sales, Jim knew Reliv was a dream come true. “It’s a great product that involves repeat business. People have to buy it from you and nobody else has it,” he says, revealing he earns $165,000 annually with Reliv, working part-time.

“It’s a really nice security net,” he says. “This is the best opportunity I’ve ever had in my life.”

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