Meet Our Ambassadors: Jeremiah and Hannah Pence

HannaPence2The wisdom of youth.

If you have time to make excuses, then you have time to make progress, but not both. That’s how Reliv Ambassadors  Jeremiah and Hannah Pence see things. With a monthly income that exceeds $5,000, Jeremiah, 23, obviously opts for progress.

When he learned about Reliv from his parents, Bronze Ambassadors Carla and Quinn Pence, Jeremiah wasn’t looking for a business, just some energy.

“I didn’t want anything extra to do,” he says, recalling how he just needed a boost to keep up his basketball schedule, college coursework and work on the ranch he’d taken over for his grandfather.

Reliv delivered. Jeremiah found he was sleeping better and that his grades were better. In addition, his life-long battle with allergies that often left him bed ridden, seemed to change.

Jeremiah went Master Affiliate 18 months ago simply to get the price break on his product. By the fifth month, with his monthly income at $1,100, Jeremiah made a life-changing decision — he opted out of farming and committed himself to Reliv full-time.

He was young, and he didn’t know anybody in his new, rural community, but that didn’t stop Jeremiah from getting the job done. He went to a handful of community leaders first.

“I knew that if they got results with the products, this thing would explode — and it did,” he says.

Jeremiah’s “no excuses” attitude has helped catapult his organization to nearly 80 Distributors, with four frontline Master Affiliates. He encourages his downline and new prospects alike:

“You’ve got to realize what we have here,” he says. “Even if you change just one person’s life, what’s that worth?”

With youth on his side, Jeremiah sees a future bright with opportunities for helping others discover Reliv. He knows the rewards that await him.

“When the time comes, I want to be able to be a full-time husband and stay-at-home dad,” he says.

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