Meet Our Ambassadors: Henry and Evelyn Mayuga

MayugaFast track to success.

When Henry and Evelyn Mayuga of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, started their Reliv business two years ago, they were motivated and enthusiastic about Reliv so they thought by 2005 they could make it to Ambassador. They’re a little ahead of schedule as new Ambassadors in 2001.

“I never thought we could achieve this in 24 months,” Evelyn says. “We were driven by a goal to share our business profits with the needy. We’re excited about being Ambassadors and being able to meet people with the same ideas and goals as us. This is a chance for us to take Reliv all over the world.”

Henry says as Ambassadors, he and Evelyn will be able to give back. “This will allow us to encourage and motivate more Distributors to do what we’ve done,” he says. “No matter where your market is, through hard work and consistency, anyone can be successful with Reliv.”

The Mayugas have been focusing their efforts on their native Philippines, where they have established their own charitable foundation. Relìv sales in the Philippines recently have grown exponentially.

“There are 76 million people in the Philippines,” Evelyn says. “We’ve barely scratched the surface there. But we’ve stepped up our efforts to help Reliv reach its goal of contacting one million people in 2001. Overall, it just feels good to help people.”

Even the Mayugas’ 7-year-old son is excited about Reliv. “He’s our little Ambassador,” Evelyn says. “He has a good grasp of the products and jumps in to tell his testimonial of his health results.”

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