Meet Our Ambassadors: Gwen McNaught

Sharing health, spreading wealth.

Back in 1992, Gwen McNaught of Perth, Western Australia, thought she was far too busy with her career in life insurance to pursue anything like Reliv. Still, she went to an informational meeting to support a friend who planned to “get rich quick.”

Skeptical, Gwen did begin taking Reliv Now nutritional supplement and got results. Within a few weeks, she went Master Affiliate, but still only to get the products at wholesale cost. By 1994, however, after she tied up loose ends with her life insurance business, Gwen was pursuing Reliv full-time. She achieved Ambassador in October 2001, then Bronze Ambassador the following month.

“Being at the Ambassador level means I have total freedom with my time,” Gwen says. “I am able to work with whom I like, when I like. I have the opportunity for unlimited travel and am able to assist even more people.”

One of Gwen’s greatest joys is traveling, something she does as often as she can, and always with Reliv on her mind.

“I can’t help myself but to share what I know about Reliv with people I meet,” she says. “I feel I have a moral obligation to do so.

“I feel that the Reliv business in Australia is really growing exponentially because of the number of our people who have made Ambassador recently,” she says. “I think people will start reaching these levels more quickly than in the past.”

The opportunity to help more people is what motivates Gwen, who describes the job of Distributor as a constant sifting of opportunities and people. She notes, “You know in every pack of cards there are four aces.”