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Meet Our Ambassadors: Enedina Marquez

MarquezThinking big yields super-size success.

Last summer, Enedina Marquez, had only been with Reliv three months, when she was called on stage at a conference in St. Louis to accept a Kalogris Humanitarian Award.

“That filled me with so much joy,” says the San Jose, CA, resident. “I was so proud of my award and I was afraid to leave it for a second, so I didn’t put it down my whole flight home. Everyone kept asking me what I’d won my Grammy for!”

This summer looks even brighter for Enedina, who achieved Ambassador in June, and is reaping the benefits of her new life as a Reliv enthusiast.

Feeling Better, Living Better

After getting wonderful results with allergies and high cholesterol, she started taking the potential for a Reliv business very seriously.

“Today, I am a healthy, fit lady and I feel like I’m 30 years old again,” she says. “And financially, the rewards have been great. My first Ambassador’s check was $6,263. This is a dream come true for me.”

Prior to Reliv, Enedina worked for a cosmetics company for 11 years, and during that time, the largest check she received was $1,500, which she thought was good at the time.

Setting New Goals Amidst Success

“When I joined Reliv, I thought that becoming an Ambassador was my ultimate goal. Now that I am an Ambassador, I want to help others reach this level. I think that being an Ambassador, you can help so many people achieve their dreams and I am so happy when someone in my organization moves up a level,” she says.

Enedina’s advice to new Distributors is simple: show that you have confidence in the product, be honest and be persistent in reaching your goals.

“I like to tell people that the Pope takes Reliv,” she says. “I love talking about Reliv every day, by telephone, on the streets, in shops and I’m proud to be part of this great company.”

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