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Meet Our Ambassadors: Dr. D.J. and Myra McMannis

McMannisHaving the time of their lives.

Like most people, Dr. D.J. McMannis was looking forward to retirement and having more time to spend on the things he wanted to do instead of what he had to do. Unfortunately, upon retiring in 1994, he developed life-threatening health problems.

“Our daughter, Cookie Greene, is a Reliv Bronze Ambassador and urged us to try Reliv products,” Myra recalls. “D.J. and I both experienced incredible results and I am certain that D.J. is alive today because of Reliv.”

Knowing that they would be on Reliv products forever, the McMannis’ came in at the highest-profit level, Master Affiliate. Being newly retired, however, they really weren’t interested in working the business.

“During our first few months on Reliv products, people kept asking us what we were doing to look so much younger and healthier,” Myra recalls. “We told them about Reliv and got them on the products. Nine-months later, we were figuring our taxes and realized that we had earned $1,500 a month without even trying.”

When the couple realized how easy it was to plug into the Reliv System, their business began to grow. During their second year as Distributors, the McMannis’ averaged $3,000 a month. In 2000, the couple moved into a beautiful new mountaintop home thanks to their Reliv income.

“To look at the way we live, you wouldn’t be able to tell that we’re retired,” Myra says. “Because of Reliv, we have our health, a great income and the ability to travel. Best of all, we work with our daughter and now a grandson who is a Distributor.”

Myra urges people interested in Relìv to look closely at the opportunity. “Reliv really is for anyone,” she says. “I’m 77 and D.J. is 81 and we are having the time of our lives.”

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