Meet Our Ambassadors: Doris and Jon Lim

Reliv yields new life.

Simple pleasures like going out with friends or eating at a restaurant used to be almost impossible for Bronze Ambassadors Doris and Jon Lim, of Manila, Philippines.

“That just seldom happened because it entailed money,” Doris says, recalling a time not so long ago when their family income was barely enough for their needs.

But in November 2001, Doris and Jon were introduced to Reliv by Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Sammy and Dorothy Tan. Armed with a lot of consistent encouragement from their upline and a firm belief in the Reliv products, Doris and Jon started their business. By July 2002, they qualified as Ambassador and in March 2003 they went Bronze.

To Doris, a housewife, the step and its rewards were big. “Being a Reliv Distributor, with the compensation that I get, I now have money of my own and am able to invest it like buying a condo unit by installment and getting a retirement plan,” she says. “I was able to buy a new car after only a few months of doing the business.”

Like many new Distributors, Doris says she had a lot to learn in the beginning, but credits her upline for their persistence in showing her the System.

“Knowing the challenges of selling products and maintaining a network, I was very hesitant to the point that I was making up alibis and inventing my own meetings just to avoid attending!” Doris says. “Now, I thank God every day that their persistence opened a lot of channels for me. What makes Relìv stand out from the rest is that Reliv does not simply aim to sell products, it has a mission of nourishing our world. That alone creates a feeling of fulfillment in me. I feel even better that the company also helps me prioritize God and my family before business.”

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