Meet Our Ambassadors: David and Eileen Leeds

Leeds2Are you listening?

Someone listening to their needs is what got Bronze Ambassadors David and Eileen Leeds of Sebastian, Florida, into the Reliv business seven years ago. And listening to others’ needs is what got them to Presidential Director today.

“You can only achieve these higher levels by helping others get what they want,” David says. “Everyone has different needs. If you open up to people and tell them what your needs are, they’ll open up to you about theirs. That’s relationship building.”

Before Reliv, David was working 16-hour days in his general contracting business. “I was making a six-figure income, but I realized life is short so I wanted to spend more time with my family. I saw Reliv was a way to do that. Relìv gave me the time, freedom and lifestyle that were important to me. Reaching Presidential Director means we’ve reached a certain level in Generation Royalties that goes on even without you.”

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