Meet Our Ambassadors: Danny and Joyce Miller

Miller20070420Following the path to success.

Six years ago, Danny and Joyce Miller of Houston, Texas, were earning between $400 and $500 per month with Reliv, working their business part-time around their family and ministry.

“The additional income we made with Reliv was huge for us,” states Danny – who, at the time, was putting in 70-hour weeks as pastor of a start-up church.

“We needed that supplemental income,” he continues. “In fact, when Reliv came into our lives, we were praying about whether I should take on a paper route in the morning and clean daycares at night – which we believed to be our only option.”

The Miller’s paychecks grew larger over time, along with their vision of their future with Reliv. “It became a moral obligation for us to do this business,” Danny recalls. “For us, sharing Reliv isn’t a job – it’s a lifestyle.”

The Millers have since earned up to $7,000 per month with Reliv. In September 2006, by helping another person in their organization reach Ambassador, they become Reliv Bronze Ambassadors.

“Most important to us is the freedom we now enjoy – the opportunity to continue to grow our income, while spending time with our family and investing in ministry,” Danny says. “And that same freedom, which originally allowed me to earn a supplemental income by sharing Reliv just a few hours a week, is the same that now drives me in my goal to do the business full-time.”

The couple, who enjoyed a Reliv trip to Bermuda in the fall of 2006, now has the goal of traveling to Munich as Silver Ambassadors this coming fall.

“As Reliv business builders, our goals for growth are laid out in the simple plan of the Road to Presidential,” Danny states. “Presidential Director and Silver Ambassador are our next steps. And Reliv has faithfully shown us that, in our own time, we will reach each and every one of our goals – just as long as we never quit!”