Meet Our Ambassadors: Clarke and Marilyn Nielsen

Amazing recovery leads to incredible opportunity.

Marilyn Nielsen of Boise, ID, had suffered with chronic fatigue for 10 years. She tried everything, yet 40 doctors and 60 pills a day later, she was still in misery. Then she found Reliv. “In a month’s time, I had my energy back, the numbness went away and my mental clarity improved dramatically,” she recalls.

Her husband, Clarke, also enjoyed excellent results with sinus problems, gained endurance during sports and reduced his recovery time.

” We started sharing Reliv with our family and friends and had a business going that wouldn’t stop,” Marilyn says. In less than two years, they reached Ambassador level.

“So many of the people who started Reliv products with us nine years ago are still taking them everyday. That’s a real tribute to the value of Reliv,” she says. “It becomes a way of life. Each time another person gets results, it’s exciting. Results keep the excitement of the opportunity always going.”

And indeed, the opportunity means much to the Nielsens. “We’ve enjoyed the flexibility of working from our home, raising our children and taking them with us as we’ve traveled,” Marilyn says. “Reliv has provided many blessings in our lives.”

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