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Meet Our Ambassadors: Clara Lara

Lara2Building the business of her dreams.

Although she enjoyed her job as an administrative assistant at a local hospital, Clara M. Lara of Salinas, California, had always dreamed of finding a home-based business.
“I was always ‘too busy’ and, therefore, never allowed myself to pursue my dream,” Clara says. “But in the midst of struggling with low thyroid function, I was introduced to Reliv and started on the products. And after my health significantly improved, I immediately wanted to learn more about the business.”
Clara credits the Reliv conference she attended in January 2000 for capturing her heart and igniting her passion for doing the business.
“After seeing the leadership of [Chairman, President, and CEO] Bob Montgomery and [Co-Founder] Sandy Montgomery — along with others, including [Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer] Dr. Carl Hastings and Dr. Theodore Kalogris — and hearing the health and business stories, I knew right away that I wanted to be part of Reliv for the rest of my life,” Clara states. “I came home and immediately sponsored a new Master Affiliate, and we supported each other in sharing Reliv with a lot of people.”
Clara made the decision to retire from her hospital job in 2005 — six years earlier than she’d originally planned. She has since become a Bronze Ambassador, earning as much as $7,000 in a calendar month, along with several trips with Reliv.
“My biggest dream of finding a home-based business has come true,” Clara states. “Along with it came a huge purpose to change people’s lives, bringing them hope for better health and a secure financial future.
“The Reliv Mission to Nourish Our World has truly captured my heart and given me a new passion in my life,” Clara adds. “I’m so blessed to be part of Reliv and to serve as a Bronze Ambassador. It is truly an awesome experience!”

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