Meet Our Ambassadors: Cindy Nutter

Nutter, CindyReliv Gives Teacher a New Lesson Plan

Presidential Bronze Ambassador Cindy Nutter of Avoca, NE, tells everyone she meets the truth: “Every aspect of my life has changed because of Reliv. I am extremely grateful for all of the good things Reliv has provided to me. My health is excellent, I have a strong income and an incredible extended Reliv family that I love dearly.”

She’s not kidding. Although she originally got the Reliv products for her mother, Cindy ended up using them herself and was pleasantly surprised to get great health results. Two years later, when Cindy found herself facing a financial crunch, she turned to Reliv to make ends meet while she continued to home school her three children. Cindy, who is a former teacher and principal, was impressed by Reliv’s business potential.

“I became a teacher because I wanted to help people,” she says. “But teaching and being a principal took up so much time. And there was no way to make ends meet. With Reliv, I can focus on other people and sincerely help them to reach their own personal goals.”

In the 14 years I’ve been working with Reliv, it’s been the most rewarding career of my life.

Cindy has quadrupled her teaching salary and is able to enjoy the things she’s always loved, including riding her horses. “My goal is to help people find the blessings that I have found in Reliv…. Great Health and Financial Stability!”



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