Meet Our Ambassadors: Cheryl and Kevin Kent

KentNew Ambassador credits system for success.

Before Cheryl Kent of South Lyon, Michigan, learned about Reliv, she had never heard of network marketing. But she did know that working 60 to 70 hours a week in hotel management was putting a strain on her physically and emotionally.

“I guess that was supposed to be the American dream,” says Cheryl, who admits that at first, people cautioned her about what she might be getting into, including her dad. “He told me there’s a sucker born every minute.”

But that was nearly eight years ago, and Cheryl is enjoying her new status as Ambassador, something she earned in June 2001.

“I always knew I’d get here. I have a lot of people doing something and a lot of new people who see the long-term vision of where this company is going. I’m going wide and I’m going deep,” Cheryl says, referring to her organization of downline Master Affiliates.

What are Cheryl’s secrets? She insists it’s the Reliv system that does it. She says she never runs out of leads — ever. One of her most successful strategies is getting leads from the local daily and weekly newspapers. She looks in the headlines and the want ads and makes the calls.

“Most of the people I contact really appreciate my call,” she says.

Cheryl makes a lot of her calls from her boat, especially in the summer — something she never would have dreamed of doing in her past life in the corporate world.

“In the beginning, I had to make a lot of sacrifices to get my Reliv business going. I’d get home from work, take off my business suit and jump into a jogging suit to do Reliv. And I’d be up at 4 a.m. delivering product, but it was worth it for the long-term gain,” Cheryl says. “This is the most fun work I’ve ever done in my life.”

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