Meet Our Ambassadors: Charlie and Becca Kelly

Kelly1Learning to grow into success with Reliv.

Charlie and Becca Kelly, new Bronze Ambassadors from Evansville, Indiana, have grown into their success, health-wise, financially and personally. Becca’s growth began with getting relief from debilitating fibromyalgia and emphysema. They invested in a Master Affiliate order soon after that.

Becca says “I had no interest in business – I loved the products but had no self-confidence. Realizing I would be helping people helped my confidence grow.”

As a banker, Charlie was initially skeptical about nutrition and network marketing, but, he says, he “…did a thorough check on Reliv’s financial statements and found they actually paid out what they said they did.”

At first, Becca worked part-time while home-schooling and caring for aging parents. She saw Reliv as simply additional income. But the business grew and when they reached Master Director at their first International Conference, they realized, as Becca says, “We had a hold of something big.”

Charlie adds, “Even during a period when we had two family deaths in one year, when we had to devote so much time to personal matters, our income actually grew.”

Perhaps even more important to is the lifestyle and time flexibility Reliv allows. “We’re able to visit our grown kids in Virginia and Texas. That means more to us than increased income and material rewards,” Charlie explains.

“Also, I had been dealing with commercial banking customers and never really felt I was helping other people,” Charlie continues. “Now getting calls from friends about their health and business results is very gratifying. The personal growth is great. I had to unlearn some of my ‘bankerly’ attitudes and trust the Reliv System.”

Becca agrees. “We are excited about building our financial security, and knowing that we are doing that by helping others succeed makes this an exciting and rewarding mission as much as a business. Our business is growing, and so are we.”

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