Meet Our Ambassadors: Cassandra Anderson

Anderson, CA sense of purpose.

Reliv Bronze Ambassador Cassandra Anderson, of Normal Illinois, remembers when one of the company’s leaders told her, “You’re going to make a great Ambassador someday.”

By that time, Cassandra knew enough about the company and the products to imagine success for others, but hadn’t imagined success for herself. Since then, much has changed.

Cassandra made Ambassador four years ago. A couple years later, she earned a trip to Reliv President, Chairman and CEO Robert L. Montgomery’s lake estate, and was one of a handful of leaders invited to an event at the home of Dr. Carl W. Hastings. Casandra also went on a trip to Whistler, Canada for becoming a Bronze Ambassador, a milestone that means even more than her own success.

“The neat thing about becoming Bronze is that you feel like you’re Reliving the dream again,” Cassandra says. “To know the way this company treats its Ambassadors and to be able to pass that amazing experience on to someone else is wonderful.”

As Cassandra recalls the transformations Reliv has brought about for herself and her family, she continues to marvel. In addition to wonderful health results for the whole family and a thriving business, Cassandra has found through Reliv a sense of purpose for the first time in her life.

She’s also discovered a support system like no other. “The size of our checks has definitely grown, but the longer we’re with Reliv, the more I’ve come to realize how much like a family these amazing people are,” she says.

“This business has enabled me to put my primary focus on my son, Curt, and the Reliv family has supported me in this,” Cassandra adds. “Reliv IS my passion. I will always be building and moving forward because I know what we have with this company.”

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