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Meet Our Ambassadors: Carla Palosaari

Palosaari20070420Hooked on helping others.

After the Reliv Conference in Chicago this fall, a Master Affiliate told Carla Palosaari that she wanted to take her son on the 2007 Reliv trip to Disney World — to which Carla gave her usual enthusiastic response: “Yes, you can do it… just use me and the Reliv System.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to experience a Reliv trip,” states Carla, who recently returned from Bermuda, her third trip with Reliv.

Traveling was the furthest thing on Carla’s mind when she joined Reliv four years ago. “We were looking at bankruptcy and feared we would lose our home,” she says.

In September, this former house cleaner from Calumet, a remote area on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, earned $9,500 and became Reliv’s newest Presidential Director. “My September check was more than I made in an entire year cleaning houses,” Carla notes. “What I’ve achieved with Reliv is far beyond anything I ever could’ve imagined. It goes to show you that, by using the Reliv System as it’s designed to be used, anyone can do this business.

“There’s nothing like the feeling you get when someone thanks you for helping them get their health back,” Carla adds. “And it’s even more fun when they call you, and they are literally screaming and laughing with excitement because they can’t believe the size of their Reliv check!”

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