Meet Our Ambassadors: Brit and Kathy Lay

Lay20060818Reliv is a love match for tennis pro.

Reliv Ambassadors Brit and Kathy Lay, of North Grafton, Massachusetts, discovered that when they got married and blended two families, their expenses grew with them.

With six kids between them (three in college), the couple welcomed the notion of additional income to supplement Bret’s salary as tennis director at a New England club and Kathy’s teaching salary. But money wasn’t the only thing they needed — both were looking for health results as well. Friends from the tennis club introduced the couple to Reliv, and Kathy got results with migraines and allergies in the first six weeks. The Lays went Master Affiliate within the month.

Like many before them, the Lays were moved by what they saw and learned during their first Reliv conference in 2002.
“We loved the people that we met and the ones we’re still meeting,” Kathy says. “Having the chance to hear [Reliv President, Chairman and CEO] Bob Montgomery and Dr. Carl [Hastings, vice president of manufacturing and research and development] really touched our lives. What they were saying fit with our own values.”

The two agree that the personal growth they’ve experienced together through Reliv has been rewarding. “We’ve developed a passion for helping people,” Brit says, pointing out how well the business fits with their love to teach. (Brit used to teach English and marine science.)

Once they started setting goals for themselves, they knew they could move forward, and they have. In February 2005, Brit left his job at the tennis club to pursue Reliv full-time.

On their way to Ambassador, Brit and Kathy established a stronger foundation for retirement, paid off credit card debt and helped many other people along the way.

The key, Kathy says, is making the commitment. “When you’re starting out, you have to remember that it’s part-time, not something you do in your spare time,” she says. “We have worked consistently, using the Reliv System, but we have been able to balance our Reliv business around our family.”

Brit adds, “We like the idea that we have something of real value to share with other people, something that enriches our lives as much as it does theirs.”

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