Meet Our Ambassadors: Brian and Sheila Kruis

KruisMaking a difference in their family and others.

Ambassador Sheila Kruis of Gallup, New Mexico, has suffered from scleroderma for most of her life. The chronic disease causes the skin to progressively harden, and can cause many other health complications.

In 2004, a friend introduced Sheila and her husband, Brian, to Reliv.
“Within a few months on Reliv, our entire family saw results,” Brian says. “We both had more energy, my cholesterol improved, and the migraines Sheila and our daughter suffered were under control.”
Brian and Sheila joined Reliv at the highest profit level and began connecting friends and family to people who had life-changing results. As the checks started coming, the couple saw the opportunity to get out of debt, pay for their children’s education and give more monetary support to various ministries.
Brian says, “We had no vision for us to both come home in the beginning.” As their checks began averaging $2,000 a month and Sheila’s improved health allowed her to teach full time again, Brian decided to quit his job as a teacher. He then committed to work from home and share Reliv with more people.
“There was no System nearby when we started, so we connected people to our support team for stories, and used three-way and story calls consistently,” Brian says. “We built our business to around $5,000 a month working around the needs of our family.”
To date, their highest month has been nearly $10,000. More importantly, both parents are home raising five young children. So far, they have adopted three children into their family, are foster parents and are active in many ministries.
“We love being home and doing something that makes a difference in others’ lives,” the couple adds. “Our personal mission is to help people achieve a better quality of life.”