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Meet Our Ambassadors: Bill and Cathy O’Loughlin


The Perfect Pair

Cathy and Bill O’Loughlin are Presidential Bronze Ambassadors from Chicago, IL who have been working as Reliv Distributors for the past 25 years.

“While Bill was the first one to take a serious look at the Reliv products and opportunity, Bill’s health results and our first override check changed my heart and mind.  We are a Reliv team.  Bill handles the business side keeping track of orders and volume. I’m the people person who loves to talk to everyone about Reliv. I introduce them to the products and opportunity and together we teach others how to build their own businesses,” Cathy says.

“Reliv has transformed our lives.  Bill often says he is an attorney by profession, but a Reliv Distributor by choice.  I am a retired teacher, who was blessed to find my passion early in life.  Since Reliv is a sharing and teaching profession, it was a perfect fit for me. While we had income potential in our careers, we did not have the family freedom or freedom of time that we were searching for. Reliv has created the life of our dreams.”

Happily Ever After

 “We were able to raise our two daughters according to our values and priorities and our Reliv income gave both of them the opportunity to graduate from college debt free.  Today we are an integral part of our four grandchildren’s lives and have established education funds for their futures.  Our Reliv products keep us healthy and our grandkids keep us young.  Bill enjoys playing backyard soccer with our five year old grandson, and I continue to run 5K races in 30 minutes or less!”

“Through Reliv we have been able to travel the world, enjoy a great income, but most importantly we have met the most wonderful people that we would otherwise have never met.  I am so grateful Bill was patient with me as my skepticism turned to belief.  You couldn’t take these products or opportunity away from me,” Cathy states.

“We celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary this past spring and are now celebrating 25 years with Reliv.  We plan to be together for life and with Reliv for life.”

Advice for New Distributors

 “Our best advice to new distributors is to believe in what you have, both the products and the opportunity, and then be willing to share the good news with everyone you know and meet.   Be good listeners and show others how Reliv can be the answer to whatever they need, whether it’s good health or good wealth, or both.”

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