Meet Our Ambassadors: Anne and Jerry Lafayette

LafayetteA commitment to succeed.

Although Ambassadors Anne and Jerry Lafayette, of Bartlett, IL, started their Reliv business in 1996, it wasn’t until the company announced its enhanced compensation plan in 2000 that the couple sat up and took notice.

“It made us take our business more seriously and work harder,” Jerry says. “We started concentrating on the high pay-off areas of building layers of Master Affiliates and finding business-minded people. It’s important to simplify the business so anyone can do it. We also teach people to completely commit themselves and focus on the power of multiplication – no one can succeed alone.”

Before Reliv, the Lafayettes were both service managers. Today, Jerry is working Reliv full-time with the goal of bringing Anne home soon.

Anne says the more involved in the company they become, the more people they meet whose lives have been changed by Reliv. “It’s one of our biggest thrills to see people turn around their lives,” she says. “Reliv’s financial benefits last a lifetime. It’s wonderful to watch families dream again and get on track. Personally, it feels good to build security for my family.”

The Lafayettes advise those getting into the company to fully commit themselves. “It’s a Catch-22,” Jerry says. “When you go in with an exit strategy, then you never go forward because you’re not fully committed. If you find ways to succeed, then success will find you. We want to be good leaders for Reliv. We see where the company is going, which is so exciting. Our next goal is to be in the Inner Circle and we know that’s achievable.”

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