Meet Our Ambassadors: Matt and Dayna Jennings

JenningsPartnering for success.

Matt and Dayna Jennings of Moses Lake, Washington, will never forget the day of March 31, 2004.

“We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and became Reliv Ambassadors on that same day,” Dayna recalls. “Talk about a great anniversary gift!!”

The Jennings discovered Reliv a year-and-a-half ago. “We weren’t looking for a business,” Dayna says. “We just naturally began sharing the products and found that people wanted them.”

Yet the real turning point for their success came a month-and-a-half later when, in November of 2002, Dayna attended the Reliv Regional Conference in Phoenix.

“Matt wasn’t able to be go,” Dayna recalls. “So when I got back, the first thing I said to him was, ‘I think the right company has finally found us!’

“We both began to really focus on telling others about Reliv,” she says. “And, our first full year doing Reliv part-time, we earned $25,000 and a Caribbean Cruise!”

This year, the Jennings’ Reliv earnings for January and February were twice that of the same months in 2003.

“We became excited about the prospect of doubling our annual income,” Dayna says. “But we got even more excited when we received our March check for $6,800 and won two more trips!”

The Jennings credit their success to the support of their upline – the closest of whom lives four-and-a-half hours away – the Reliv Success System, and their own partnership in Reliv. They work their business around Dayna’s responsibilities as a stay-at-home mom to their five children and Matt’s full-time job as a driver for a bulk natural foods company.

“The majority of my drops are to residential co-ops,” Matt says. “At every one of my drops, I share Reliv.”

“Matt does the majority of our initial face-to-face contacts, and I spend over ninety-percent of my Reliv time on the phone,” Dayna adds.

“Thanks to Reliv, I’ll soon be quitting my truck-driving job to be home with my family,” Matt says. “We’re looking forward to being a big part of a very big company!”

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