Meet Our Ambassadors: Earl and Marcia Jantz

Jantz, Marscia and EarlGrateful for a life-changing opportunity.

Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Earl and Marcia Jantz of Oklahoma City have worked in ministry and currently work with a non-profit organization. And while the work was very rewarding, there was never much money, no health insurance and no retirement plan. Then opportunity knocked.

“I was picking up some conference center visitors at the airport,” Earl recalls, “and one gentleman — [Presidential Double Platinum Ambassador] Henry Leissing—told me about a nutritional company he was involved with, Reliv. Then he told me about the 100% product guarantee and the 90% one-year business guarantee. With that information we made the decision to come in as Master Affiliates before we had tasted the products because we were looking for health results and income.”

They both began to use the products and saw great results, but had been sharing the stories of Reliv even before then because of the hope in others’ stories.  With a limited time commitment, they earned $500 and saw hope financially.

“Setting goals is an important part of success with Reliv,” Marcia says. “We write our goals where we can read them every day and it’s amazing how as we keep sharing, those goals come to pass! Achieving Presidential Director has just given us more passion and more desire to share with lots and lots of people. Reliv fits right into our life passion, which is putting others first and bring hope to all people!”

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