Meet Our Ambassadors: Christian House

ChristianHouse2Taking charge of his life.

At age 24, Bronze Ambassador Christian House was $20,000 in debt and working long hours in a construction job he didn’t like. Three years later, he’s debt-free and rapidly building his savings as a full-time Reliv Distributor. Most importantly, Christian has taken charge of his life. “I’m now free to do whatever I want,” he says.
For Christian, who lives in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Bozeman, Montana, that often means immersing himself in outdoor activities. “I like snowboarding, hiking and rafting,” he says. “I love to be active.” Christian also writes his own music and leads worship services at his church.
He discovered Reliv through his parents, Presidential Silver Ambassadors Max and Wendy House, who introduced their son to the products to help with his juvenile onset diabetes. When his blood sugar stabilized and he decided to become a Distributor, Christian says he made a simple vow to himself. “I made a four-year commitment — just like I would for a bachelor’s degree. I would not reevaluate my decision to be part of Reliv for four years. And anything but success in that time was unacceptable.”
Today, in year three of his personal commitment, Christian is earning more than $5,000 a month and is excited about his future. He gets tremendous satisfaction from seeing others he has sponsored turn their lives around through both the products and the business. “I just had two of my Distributors, 22 and 24 years old, become Ambassadors,” he says. “Another Distributor who has multiple sclerosis and lives in a 300-person town in Montana has, in just 10 months, gotten out of her wheelchair and built an income that has saved her family’s farm from bankruptcy. Stories like that make it all worthwhile.”
Christian, who has traveled in Eastern Europe and Africa, hopes to build his Reliv business to a level that allows him to “share the wealth” and his passion for helping others by starting schools and orphanages in Third World countries. “That’s my dream,” he says.

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