Meet Our Ambassadors: Bobby Humphrey

B.HumphreyRealizing success with the Reliv System.

Bobby Humphrey of Rapid City, South Dakota, treasures his role with Reliv and knows his passion is helping to “nourish our world.”

“Being a Presidential Director means helping a lot of people dramatically improve their health and their financial security,” he says.

Before Reliv, Bobby was trading hours for dollars. “I had always struggled in life. I worked evenings and weekends and truly despised how I was spending my time.”

Bobby is a strong believer in the Reliv Success System. “Being teachable and having a strong work ethic are two important keys to achieving your goals,” he explains. “Anyone can build a successful business using this System!” His proof is a six-figure income that he knows will continue to grow.

Though Bobby has attained one of his goals, he’s not slowing down. “I talk to more people every day. I will always be a Reliv Distributor — and within a year I plan to reach the Inner Circle!”

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